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I’m Meshea!

My journey in photography started with the birth of my daughter, like most moms, I was desperately trying to preserve those fleeting moments in my child's life. It didn't take me long to realize that this was my passion. Photography sparked a joy in my life that I never knew I needed.

I went through several different phases in my photography career, But once I truly started listening to my voice and my heart, I realized that storytelling family portraiture was where I needed to be. There is something so beautiful about being a part of a family's story. As photographers we are creating and giving our clients memories that will last a lifetime.

When the Families that I photograph look at their images , I can only hope that they can see how beautiful they are when they are loving on each other, and that these images can transport them back to those moments in time.

My goal is to produce imagery that is authentic to them and truly tells their unique story. I strive to capture the real moments, the hugs, kisses, embraces, and sometimes, the tears.








Instructor at: (The Milky way family retreat 2021 and 2022 -

and Stormy solis all heart access spring season 2021)



"WE take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone"

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