Family Sessions

My approach to family sessions are relaxed and Fun! I feel it is important to have a traditional posed image with everyone looking at the camera, so we do that first……then we play! I like to have a lot of fun, so we will run, and laugh and tickle, and throw the kids in the air, and Hug (a lot).  My family sessions are not about “saying Cheese”  and standing uncomfortable with smiles that just don’t feel genuine. I want to capture YOU, and your family being Real, not some posed version of your family. I love to capture the interactions between each other, the in-between moments when you didn’t think I was photographing

Photographs are the only thing we have to look back on. I am not just taking a picture of your family, I am capturing a memory.

What time of day can I schedule my session?

Beach sessions are schedule in the golden hour right before sunset. Field or other location can be scheduled morning hours and 1-2 hours before sunset.  I schedule most sessions Mon-Friday.

What can I bring to my session?

I do recommend bringing bottled water, it does get very hot and we are usually running around so its important to hydrate. You may also bring snacks….aka bribes….for the little ones, or a  favorite toy or something that makes some noise for me to use to get their attention.

What happens if it rains?

If it does rain on your session we will do our best to reschedule.

What to Wear?

Does what you wear matter? Yes! Just as much as you were inspired by my images to allow me to capture you and your family, I am inspired by YOU! Just because its the beach does not mean it as to be boring, have fun with your outfits. , It may seem harder to dress dads, boys, for the beach but it really isn’t, jeans are a great option <3 Dress slacks are great for dads too! Little boys in jeans, suspenders or even jeans and no shirts are adorable, and my go to suggestion for boys. Maxi dresses are always perfect for the ladies, add a fringy vest and a flower crown and your ready to go!

Most importantly wear what you will be comfortable in. Wear what is you, and what is your families style. (p.s I Love anything whimsical or vintage, ) flower crowns, long flowy dresses, earthy and boho

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Avoid fluorescents: they tend to color cast  on faces, necks etc. As well as bright orange and bright red. Neutral colors are great,and blues, greens are perfect with the beach backdrop. Not doing your session on the beach, warm colors are great, mustard yellow, brick red, etc.

2. Start with one outfit you really love, and then build the rest of your families look from that.

3. Layers! Layers add dimension and depth. In the summer months, layer your outfit with a statement  necklace,vest or a belt. Fall/winter months, layer with cardigans, sweaters, suspenders, etc

4. Instead of Matchy-Matchy, think Coordinate!

5. Still Not sure what colors to wear; Look around your home! Your home (and the clothes that are already in your closet) are probably the colors you love most.

6. Your outfit should fit you, and fit you well

7. Headbands and flower crowns are great for the little ladies. But remember to try to keep them simple. I want to see her beautiful face!

Still need advice? Don’t be afraid to email or text me with some outfit choices! I don’t mind at all helping you pull together a look for your family!


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